Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Pen 2 Paper": A Community Art Show presented by Thumbprint Gallery and Bar Basic

Every Tuesday during the off-season, Bar Basic in downtown San Diego hosts "Art Night," an evening enhanced with live art, local artistry, untamable music, and fantastic hot pizzas. The most recent show, titled "Pen 2 Paper," motivated local artists to create an original piece using ink as the primary medium. The styles and content of the artwork were astoundingly varied, as the creativity of the featured artists radiated from the paper. Covered with the artwork of over 50 artists, the walls of Bar Basic screamed for attention, craved recognition, demanded investigation. While the framed pieces hung with a sense of royalty, live paintings provided another form of entertainment for guests. The music of DJs Bruce Illest and Johnny Tran filled the space and encouraged those present to get a little bit closer and talk a little bit louder. And the vast menu of beers and pizzas, at no surprise, was a constant delight.

The next show, "Lion, Tigers, and Bears! Oh, $#!+" will be hosted on September 10, from 7pm to midnight and will be open to those 21 and up with no cover charge. The show will feature the artwork of 10 local artists, live art, music, and a pop-up boutique and fashion show. Of course, pizza and beer will also be available. Support local artists and pay a visit!

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