Sunday, April 29, 2012


Creativity is the personification of the imaginations that can be unfathomable at times. It helps one to choose or create a medium to transform the imaginations into a reality. Creativity, along with an out of box thinking and good approach for the implementation of the thoughts, can change the world. The creative people who are bold enough to employ it are the ones who rescue the world from the monotonous vibe, creating a mark of hope and inspiration. 
Creativity gets more tuned to one’s imagination by focusing and by having a persistent approach towards their implementation. Practicing the art of creativity, takes one’s imagination to the next level. Creativity along with practical knowledge inevitably leads to a successful realization of one’s thoughts. It should not be confined within various limitations, as boundless thoughts create magic, when one sees what is possible beyond all the impossibilities that are present. Irrespective of the application and the field of application, creative ideas conceive a new echelon that sets a standard for the others.

In this very competitive world it’s the ingenious innovations that make the firms to stand out for their products and establish their roots in the markets firmly. Innovations surprise the customers and attract them to try the new products. When technology meets creativity, unbelievable things can be made that sets trend and becomes inevitable in everyday life.

For ages, creativity has led the world; irrespective of it being a renaissance period or industrialization period. It has always created wonders that instigate the creativeness in every individual. Even the kids find creativity to be more of fun and they are indeed the epitome of creativeness.

Creativeness activates all the senses. Music stimulates the sense of hearing and stirs every soul with emotion, leaving behind amazement. This happens when, creativity is used in an apt way, that would astonish and leave an in erasable impact on the listeners. The sense of sight creates a lot of appreciative innovations that leads to many breakthroughs. Right from the paintings to the video games, the creativeness dominates and kindles imaginations. The kids are the best creative people and when this is nurtured in a very right way, it translates lifelong. The legacy of cartoons is a creative platform where almost every creative person finds a place. The taste buds have more affinity towards the creative and delicious dishes. A creatively cooked dish leaves an impact in the terms of their taste, smell and garnishment (sight). Creativeness begets a superlative form of experience when all the senses are triggered and fires almost all the neurons, activating the entire cortex region. 

Applying creativeness for understanding the science makes one to think of things that are beyond our imagination. Sometimes science when visualized gives more in-depth understanding and creates more original ideas. Art is everywhere and creativity helps one to spot it. Once it gets realized, the perspective of life and happiness, which exists hand-in-hand, changes.

Written By:Prabu mani

Left or Right Brain ?

LEFT BRAIN- I am the left brain
I am a scientist. A mathematician.
I love the familiar, I categorize. I am accurate. Linear.
Analytical. Strategic. I am practical.
Always in control. A master of words and language.
Realistic. I calculate ecuations and play with numbers.
I am order. I am logic.
I know exactly who I am.

RIGHT BRAIN- I am the right brain.
I am creativity, a free spirit. I am passion.
Yearning . Sensuality. I am the sound of the roaring laughter .
I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feet.
I am movement. Vivid colors,
I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas,
I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel.
I am everything I wanted to be.