Monday, March 7, 2011

Quivira Jetty Cats are alive and well

Today March 6th I was going to walk at Quivira Basin Jetty to enjoy the afternoon and reflect on the earlier walk I had taken at La Jolla Cove with Sharon WOW is all I can say. Yes I was distracted to say the least LOL so I parked in the little lot out on the jetty with a couple other cars and stated my walk out on the jetty with my mind totally thinking about the earlier afternoon La Jolla Cove walk and wasn't paying attention to much but as I walked I stated to get the feeling that I was being watched so I looked all around, but there wasn't anyone there, and just like a movie poof right in front of me a couple cats climbed out of the rocks from the edge of the jetty and walked out on the paved road and just laid there. They were very friendly and didn't mind when I walked by.
As i walk farther on a few more cats came out of the rocks and stared at me as I walked by. The farther I walked the more cats came out of the rocks. It stated to remind me of that movie that the birds take over a little sea front town hahahaha. I had walk all the way to the end of the jetty where there is a fence that says no trespassing and I turned around and to my surprise the cats had started to come out from everywhere, so I took a couple pictures of the cats that would sit still for a minute so i could get there picture. Like the saying goes I'm just seeing the tip of the Iceberg and there are so many more cats living in the rocks of the jetty. Yes the cats watch you as you walk down the Jetty and that was where the feeling of being watched came from just like in the thriller Movies ! They don't attack the nice people LOL or do they ?
People have setup little food stations down in the rocks that have cat food and water so the cats can spend the day enjoying the beach and the bay without worrying about having to find food. What a life to just enjoy the view and make more kitten’s hahaha. I really wonder how many cats there really are ? I would bet that there is way over 30 cats that live on the jetty. Time to get back to the task at hand and that's thinking about the great La Jolla Cove Walk with Sharon. I must be envious of the cats that they get to think about Sharon all day LOL. So my new saying is enjoy life like the cats or the new wrist bracelet WWCD " What Would the Cats Do" LMAO
See Maps below to find the Jetty Cats and see where they live and play every day!

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  1. There are way more than 30! I remember a protest when the Jetty was going to be "Breached" so bay water could flush better and Ferral cat friendly humans made enough noise to have the Jetty just lowered to save those more daring kittys living on the fringe and allow them to migrate...?!
    They must have evolved enough to eat the plentiful crab population, though I've never seen them do much more than lounge! San Diego Old school! LOLs

  2. These cats are fed by multiple feeders who spend hundreds of their own money to care for them. They are also trapped for spay/neuter by rescues and realeased back into the area.